Being Cheap does not Save money

I am a cheap person, never buy anything unless it’s on sale. I also am a planner, all details must be covered.  A few years ago I learned that less expensive is not always the best as I planned one vacation and went on another.

Having a teenager daughter and granddaughter, as well as a grandson and granddaughter that are both under 10, my husband and I decided that we wanted to take all four on a 7 day vacation.   Okay so now we have a plan, time to bring out the notebook and narrow down our choices that will work for 6 people of varying ages and interests.  Disney World won hands down.  Idea formulated, destination decided now time to implement.

The plan – 7 day Disney World trip that includes all the bells and whistles, On site accommodation, meal plan, character dining, fast pass, memory maker, all the parks.  My excitement level was over the moon, I hadn’t been to Disney World since I was a child—EPCOT was new.

The bump in the road-  sitting down to the Disney website picking each of the options the cost continued to climb.  The cost was breath-taking.

Change of plans-  We went to the beach for the weekend.  A trip that cost upwards and more of $2000 by the time the hotel, food, snacks and sodas were covered.  Of course the teenager girls did not want to stay with the old people and the kids so a second room had to be added.  Did I mention beach towels, chairs, new swimsuits beach toys and it continued…..

Lesson learned-  After our cheap weekend trip to the beach I took my notebook with all of my Disney stuff and priced out each component.  Who knew that if you stay at an on-site hotel some of the things were included.  By the time I finished the break down I was in tears,  I would have actually spent less and gotten more Value in the Disney World vacation.  Being a cheapskate, all I saw was $$$ signs not the value behind them.

I am planning another Disney World vacation, was supposed to be during this Spring break, this time the cost will not deter me.  I will look at the Value of the dollar amount.


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